Episode 8 – Fool Me Twice

Zapatera tribe returns from tribal with guilt after voting out Sarita. They feel bad she didn’t know & went to Redemption Island with only the shirt on her back. Not sure why, even if you felt safe you wouldn’t bring your bag. It’s not like she had a lot to pack.

Hmmmm should I wear the open toed sandals with the blue bikini? The open toed sandals with the tank top & shorts? The open toed sandals with the buff & the blue bikini? The open toed sandals with shorts & the buff? Open toed sandals with the tank top & bikini?

Decisions, decisions.

Sarita arrives at Redemption Island & promptly sings the praises of the Zapatera tribe that just voted her out. Matt is all ears. 1: because he just loves praises & 2: He is gathering information on who to trust when he is back in the game.

Back at Ometepe. OMG Phillip found his pants !!! Tree mail announces the duel & asks the entire tribe to attend. Leaving both tribes speculating a merge.

At the arena Jeff announces the winner of the duel will go back into the game.

Challenge – I pegged you wrong

Matt “the meek” vs Sarita “the defeater”

Competitors must balance themselves on foot pegs of 3 sizes, starting on the largest peg. After 15 minutes they move down to the smaller peg, 15 more & they move to the smallest & last peg. You fall off, you’re out. Sarita looks pretty comfortable & Jeff points out that women usually do well in this type of challenge. Matt has his Lord looking out for him & Sarita falls, but unlike every other contestant that has come through Redemption Island… she doesn’t cry. Maybe she’s tougher than I thought. Matt returns to the game. Jeff hands him a buff of a different colour. The tribes are merged.

The merged tribe shares a feast while deciding on a name. Rob suggests Murlonio which he says means “from the sea united” when in fact it’s just an inside joke between him and Amber & is a name he has given to one of her stuffed animals.

After the feast the tribes seem to break apart for discussions. Mike talks to Matt since he was voted out of Ometepe he thinks he will be easy to convince to vote with Zapatera. He offers him & Andrea final 3 & tells him he has no problem voting off his own tribe members.

Matt takes Andrea aside & tells her about the conversation with Mike. He says to get anywhere in this game you have to make bold moves. He says he wants to vote out Phillip, then Steve then blindside Rob! Andrea is unsure of this plan. Matt is torn between doing what he thinks is the right thing & playing the game & joining sides with Zapatera.

Robs sees what he calls the “Christian Coalition” building an alliance. He wants to send Mike to redemption Island but he is worried about Matt

Immunity Challenge- Hold Your Disc & Balls

Individuals stand on a half buried log while holding a disc with one hand that has a ball on top of it. At intervals another ball is added to a maximum of 3. Then it’s who can hold on the longest. Drop a ball or fall off the log & you’re out. Phillip looks shaky from the start (told you he was unbalanced) he hangs on though. Julie get knocked out & we go to 2 balls. Ashley & David are gone quickly. We move to 3 balls which knocks out Andrea & Grant. According to Jeff, Matts balls are “dangling” he checks, & is out of the game. Phillip who’s balls have been dangling most of the season also checks out. Ralph resorts to whistling for his balls to come on back. Heeeeer bawlly bawlly bawlly Ralph is out. Steve is out. Mike & Natalie are remaining. Jeff : Mike looks like his balls are glued to his Di?? His Disc, you perverts! He can’t stay on the log, Mike is out & Natalie wins individual immunity.

The tribe returns to camp & Mike is still plotting with Matt, he can’t seem to have a word alone with him so he decides to write him a note

Matt is feeling guilty for even thinking of betraying his tribe so he tells Rob about his discussions with Zapatera. Rob can’t believe Matt is giving him this information & it has sealed Matt’s fate for Rob. The only concern is will Andrea vote with the tribe or will she try & save Matt.

Tribal brings yet another speech from Phillip. Ralph tries to interrupt, apparently he hasn’t learned yet not to interrupt Phillip during one of his long winded speeches. It only makes them longer. Jeff asks Ralph what he thinks about Matt being sent to Redemption Island. Should he trust his tribe again? Ralph said something in hillbilly again. I didn’t get it but I think loosely translated it was: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, well… ya fooled me agin ! (Pretty sure that was a George Bush Jr. original) Everyone votes & Matt once again is cast out to Redemption Island. Betrayed just like Jesus…. & Caesar. Et tu Andrea?

Tune in next week to see if Matt turns the other cheek…. again.

Here’s your week 8 boot list:


One response to “Episode 8 – Fool Me Twice

  1. I have too many favourite lines to list them, had me laughing the whole way through, great recap darling! And great pics! Love Murlonia.. bad ass.

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