Birds of a Feather

Matt arrives at Redemption Island & congratulates himself on being the most naive person ever to be on Survivor. Well at least he didn’t give up an immunity idol & then get kicked off. Right Erik ?  Or play a fake immunity idol… Randy?

David thinks Rob is a genius calling him a mafia boss who took a hit out on Matt. Mike is trying to suck up to Rob calling him brilliant. Rob takes it all in. Ralph approaches the girls & asks “ Am I on the chot blok?” Ashley corrects him. You mean “the chopping block?” Ya, dat der chopping blok” Em I on it? She & Natalie tell him they haven’t talked about who they are targeting next. Ralph is confused & asks himself: “How can we play da game wen we dunno where ta start?” Well Ralph, much like the sweater you’re wearing. You find the loose thread & you keep pulling on it until it unravels.

Rob plans to keep Ometepe united by not allowing them to bond with Zapatera. He wants them to hate the other tribe. He won’t let anyone from his tribe go anywhere by themselves so that Zapatera can’t infiltrate them. Natalie lets Rob know that Ralph talked to Ashley & told her that he would vote for her if he is on the jury in hopes that he won’t be the next to go. Rob is choked that Ashley didn’t tell him this. Has she learned nothing from Matts departure?

 Immunity Challenge – Smash & Grab a Mouthful

 Phillip is sporting a new look. Jeff asks him about the feather he is wearing. Phillip tells him he was meditating & “out of thin air” the feather appeared. He said it was a sign that the Ometepe tribe would have good luck in the challenge. You gotta watch those things that come out of thin air Phillip, They’re not always feathers.

Challengers must dig for a club, untie & smash their tile. 6 will move on to the next stage where they must take a mouthful of water crawl under an obstacle & spit the water into a tube. First 3 to fill their tube move onto the next stage & complete a block puzzle.

Rob, Grant, Mike, David, Julie & Ralph all find their club & smash the tile to move on to the next stage. I think Ralph had trouble with the water transfer in the next stage since he can’t seem to keep his mouth shut. Grant fills his tube & moves on as well as David & Mike. I thought David was supposed to be the “puzzle master”? Grant kicks his butt in the final leg of the challenge & wins individual immunity. Does it really belong to him though, or does it belong to the mob boss?

The tribe returns to camp & Rob returns to keeping tabs on Ometepe. Mike thinks Rob is acting like a prison guard watching over his inmates. David calls Ometepe the Mariano crime syndicate.

Zapatera starts digging around the Murlonio flag hoping for a hail Mary. Maybe there’s another immunity idol in play. Robs sees them digging and rounds up his troops to gather the shovels & show these fools who’s boss. Rob is feeling a little paranoid about someone else finding an idol. With good reason since that’s how he was sent home his last time on Survivor. They dig deep enough to prove that there is no idol…. about six feet I’d say ?

Tribal council brings another gem of a speech by Phillip with more meditation stories this one involving his full blooded Cherokee grandfather and a vision of Ometepe’s long rein. Ralph finds it necessary to tell Phillip he’s on the bottom of his alliance & he’ll be going soon. Phillip tells Ralph that he likes it on the bottom. I can look up & see what’s going on. Ralph says maybe I’ll git a feather, maybe I’ll go out on the beach & a whole bird will fall out the sky! Phillip tells him he will never be part of their alliance because he can’t hold his tongue. Is that what it requires Phillip ? REALLY !?

Then he babbles on about having no college degree (surprised?) and working as a federal agent & receiving the 2nd highest award for ? I stopped listening. Way to go Phillip. You’re # 2 ! When you received your special agent certificate, did you have to print it yourself? Did it come with a plastic badge that said “Agent” and everyone just called you “special” ? Jeff finally tells everyone it’s time to vote. Mike is sent to Redemption Island. Ralph continues his butchering of names with: Philite.

Returning from tribal Rob calls Phillip his loyal soldier & decides it would be best for him to take Phillip to final 3. No one likes him so he won’t get the votes. Phillip states in his interview that the tribe members think he’s naive they think he’s crazy but really he is complex & now is not the time to reveal his secrets.

Ralph wants to talk to Ometepe but Rob is always watching. They won’t talk to him unless it’s about something other than game strategy.

Immunity Challenge – Monkey See Monkey Fall

Contestants must hang from a bar with their hands & legs after 20 minutes they must let their hands go & only hold on by their legs.

Before the competition starts Jeff hands everyone a white rock & a black rock. He says you can choose to eat or play. White rock means you eat black means you play. They show their rocks & Phillip & Steve choose to eat & chow down on hamburgers. Everyone else plays.

Rob is the first one knocked out & has to watch Phillip & Steve eat for the remainder of the competition.20 minutes & half a dozen burgers pass & they move to the legs only portion of the challenge. Julie is out David is turning blue Grant is out & Ralph is right behind him. David is the last of the men to fall. Andrea asks the girls if she can have this challenge. Ashley & Natalie let go. Andrea wins individual immunity.

They get back to camp & Ralph discovers a bunch of fish in their net. Rob says it’s been dead too long & they shouldn’t eat it. He doesn’t want his tribe to take anything from Zapatera. He tells them not to eat the fish & they obey. But the smell of the food is too much for Grant & he breaks down and eats the fish with Zapatera. He hopes he is not sleeping with them later.

Back to tribal & Phillip is sporting his feather again & takes the floor for another riveting discussion about the creation of “Stealth R Us” And it’s impenetrable forces led by himself “the Specialist” Rob “the Mentalist” & Grant “the Assassin. David looks like he wishes Grant would just kill him & put him out of his misery. He thinks Rob has so much control over his tribe it’s more like a cult. Why stay here & be tortured? He thinks it might be more peaceful at Redemption Island. His wish is granted (ha ha “Granted”) & he is voted out & sent to join Mike & Matt. Maybe they can create a task force over there like “Stealth R Us” They can take Rob down ! Like Elliot Ness took down Al Capone!(for tax evasion) Thats no laughing matter. Right Richard ?

Here’s your week 9 boot list:


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