Episode 11 – You Can’t Handle the Truth !

The group returns to camp after Julie is voted out at tribal council. Steve decides to apologize to Phillip saying he is not a racist & didn’t mean anything racial by calling him crazy. “I just think you’re crazy” Phillip doesn’t think he is being sincere with his apology. He wants Steve to get voted off next. Steve tells the girls “good blindside.” He & Ralph expected one of them to go before Julie.

Rob has decided that as long as Phillip keeps up his antics he is under his protection & will accompany him to the final.

The following day sees Phillip awakening from another premonition from his “full blooded Cherokee grandfather.” He told him where he should look for his shorts. Don’t you just want to see the behind the scenes on this season? I think we’d find Rob whispering in Phillips ear while he’s sleeping. “Phillip, this is you’re grandfather….. you know, the full blooded Cherokee on you mothers side?”  “You will find your shorts near the water under a rock.”  Julie told him it was under a rock, they are living on a beach, surrounded by rocks ! Genius Phillip! Sometimes he makes Ralph look smart. I bet when Julie was a kid she sucked at hide n go seek.

Phillip is successful in his mission & finds his shorts (thank God) “I make a living uncovering the truth!”  “You can’t handle the truth!” “Congratulations, we are at peace” He can’t wait to see Julie at the duel & show her whats in his… I mean his shorts ! No need to bring the hairless mole rat into the picture again.

Redemption Island finds Matt a broken man. He is ready to go home but believes God is keeping him here.

Everyone arrives to watch the competition between Matt, Mike & Julie. Phillip gives Julie the: “check this out B” Matt gives Andrea the: “may God smite you for what you have done death stare”

Jeff tells Matt he’s only spent 7 days in regular Survivor the rest have been on Redemption Is. He says he doesn’t look like he has the same fire he has had in other challenges & asks him if he’s ready to go home? Matt says he is ready to but if God wants him to stay then he will.

Challenge – Get The Puck Outta Here

Matt “the Meek,  Mike “the Marine” & Princess Juleia face off in a game of shuffle board. First two people with 3 pucks in the end zone move on & remain at Redemption Island, loser goes to the Jury. Mike quickly gets his 3 pucks in play & moves on. Matt looks like he’s not even trying & then…. something comes over him & he grabs second place & Julie is sent to the jury. Jeff, as if to say “hang in there” compares Matt”s days on Survivor to the 40 days fasting of  Jesus.  I see a resemblance.

Returning to camp the girls talk about Matt & his  broken spirit.  Rob & Grant talk about Andrea having a soft spot for Matt & she should go before he comes back in the game.

Immunity & Reward Challenge – Let Them Eat Cake

Survivors must compete in a round robin log roll competition.  First up Rob & Grant. Have you seen the size of Grants feet? I think he has a big advantage with those flippers. Grant takes out Rob & moves on to the next round. Next up : Andrea vs Ashley. Ashley moves on. Next: Ralph vs Steve. Ralph moves on.  Next: Phillip & Natalie. Phillip moves on. Semi finals are on & it’s Grant vs Ashley. Grant wins & goes to the final. Phillip vs Ralph (Dumb vs Dumber) Ralph goes to the final or is it the Phinile Ralph?

For the giant cake & milk reward it’s Ralph vs Grant. Ralph is no match for Grants flippers even with his arm flapping chicken move. Grant wins immunity & reward. He gets to choose 2 people to share the cake. He chooses Rob & then unexpectedly he chooses Andrea, he says to lull her into a false sense of security if they decide to blindside her. They are only given  a short amount of time to eat their cake so they dig in with their hands. Ralph yells, eat it like a pig ! Holy Deliverance Ralph !  Then he offers himself up. now I don’t recall exactly what he offered but he did announce afterward. “I’m not a gay person but I’d do anything for chocolate cake. ” Gross!

Jeff also gives the tribe a mystery package to be opened at tribal. They all speculate what could be in the package.  Rob thinks it’s cards & discusses with Grant what their next move will be if the twist means 2 people get voted out instead of one. Ralph & Steve have a conversation or Ralph talks & Steve just nods because he can’t understand a word he says. Ralph: “I’m on the Chot Blok.” “Der be nun til whit heppens ” Steve: huh? Come again ? One more time” Three times he repeated it & I had no idea what he said. Thanks for the subtitle. He said : “There’s gonna be none tell what happens.” Hmmmm…….Okay ?  Rob talks to Ashley & Natalie & they agree that Andrea is too close to the other tribe members & she should go soon. Steve gets a moment alone with the girls & tries to convince them to ditch their alliance with Rob. Stating he will dump each one of you & take Nimrod to the final. SO THATS THE N WORD ?! The girls tell Rob what Steve said & Rob actually seems nervous & is thinking maybe Steve should be next to go.

Tribal council brings the shortest speech ever by Phillip. Steve gives one more “lets do it” to the girls & they vote. Ralph is sent to Redemption Island. The tribe is asked to open the mystery package & read the top card. They go straight into another immunity challenge & will vote someone out immediately after.  Each member has a stack of cards with symbols on them. Jeff shows the group symbols on his cards then asks them to repeat the order. Get one wrong & you’re out. Phillip is out first, followed by Natalie then Andrea & Grant. Rob wins immunity again. They vote & as they vote they show Andrea cheering “Ometepe!” I couldn’t help but think if she gets voted out will it be: Omegod ! But Ometepe cleans house & votes off the last of Zapatera. Steve is sent to Redemption Island.  It’s going be pretty crowded over there. Kind of a boring episode in my opinion. I expect a lot more next week as the Ometepe tribe has to start breaking down the alliance.

Here’s your week 11 boot list:


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