Episode 12 – Welcome to the Family

It’s a Zapatera family reunion at Redemption Island. The castaways seem to think that if one of them can make it to the final it should be an easy vote since most of the jury members will be Zapatera.

At Murlonio camp Natalie is suffering from home sickness & PMS (lethal combo)

Rob tries to comfort her mostly because he doesn’t want her talking to anyone else or she may find out that he has promised all the remaining Ometepe a trip to the top 3 with him. He’s getting worried that his tribe members may get smart & give him a one way ticket to Redemption Island.

Tree mail arrives announcing the duel. Attached to the note is a package that contains a Sprint phone. The tribe is hoping this means messages from home. Their assumption is correct. Not a dry eye in the house. Let the group hugs begin!

Redemption Island gets the same tree mail & Matt seems to get his fire back announcing he will do anything to win this duel.

Duel & Reward – Family Tiles

Jeff announces the challenge. Each contestant tosses a ball to try & break 4 tiles that are lined up one behind the other in front of them. First one to break all 4 gets reward & remains at Redemption Is. 2nd & 3rd remain at Redemption Is, no reward. Last place goes to the jury. Reward is time with the family member that they received a video message from.

Mike is first to break a tile, Matt Steve & Ralph all miss. Mike keeps hitting his & speeds past the group for the win & reward. Matt gets 2nd & Ralph grabs 3rd. Steve is sent to the Jury. Here comes the twist. Jeff tells Mike he has a choice to make as he brings Mike’s mom out. He can take his reward & spend the day with his mom. He can give the reward to the Redemption Is group (Matt & Ralph) or he can give it to the members still in the game, the Ometepe 6 (aka The Marianos) Robfather looks like he wants to make him an offer, he can’t refuse.

Mike makes a speech about him asking God to help him win this challenge & this is what God would want him to do. The spirit world seems to have played a big part in this game of Survivor. Mike chooses to let the largest group receive the reward & Ometepe has a day visit at their camp with their family. Ralph thinks Mike gave them the reward to earn votes in case he gets back in the game, he thinks it was foolish & he would have taken the reward for himself.

The remaining Ometepe tribe show their family camp life & explain to them their strategy & how it has taken them this far in the game. The most memorable of course is Phillip’s discussion with his sister. He tells her his plan is to annoy everyone (Ummmm mission accomplished). They will take him to the final thinking no one will vote for Phillip, everyone hates him. He has his speech to the jury all planned (better set your PVR for an extra hour on that episode) Then he says he’s ready to go crazy if he has to. Phillip, have you ever tried putting the toothpaste back in the tube once you’ve squeezed it out ? You can’t put the crazy back either…… it’s out buddy, you brought the crazy on the very first episode.

Immunity Challenge – Stairway to Hell

Challengers must insert boards that have a peg pattern on them to complete steps and climb to the top of the staircase & release their flag. They can only take one board at a time if it doesn’t fit they have to go back down & try again with another board. At more than 100 degrees outside, this turns out to be a gruelling challenge. Not everyone can handle the pace as Rob Grant & Andrea quickly get ahead of the pack. Andrea & Rob are tied with Grant on their heels but Rob gets lucky & both Andrea & Grant grab a wrong board & have to go back down & try again. Rob wins immunity but not without some pain for his gain. His muscles cramp from dehydration & at one point I thought he was going down the stairs ass over tea kettle.

Returning to camp discussions start about voting out Andrea. She’s a strong competitor & has a close bond with Zapatera, giving her votes on the jury. Phillip decides to solidify his position as crazy camp dad announcing that the fishing nets were not put away properly & now they are mangled. Rob wonders if Phillip is playing him with his role as the crazy guy. Could Phillip have a closing argument  that would sway the jury, or will it put them to sleep? Could Phillip outwit the ultimate survivor? I wouldn’t put any money on it.

Tribal council has everyone looking nervous except Rob. Jeff asks Phillip what his (full blooded Cherokee) Great Grandfather would say to him at this point in the game. “He would say: “You’ve done everything right to get to this point hold the faith” REALLY ?!  Running around spearing crabs in your underwear yelling at people & calling them racist while your dead grandfather comes to you in your dreams was the right way ? I don’t get it? They vote & Andrea is blind sided & sent to Redemption Island.

Here is your week 12 boot list:


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