Episode 13- Keep Your Friends Close

Returning from tribal council everyone seems satisfied with the decision to let Andrea go. Apparently Ashley loves blindsides. Hope she feels the same way when it’s her being blindsided. Ashley & Natalie discuss the remaining tribe members & the pecking order. Rob sees them talking & gets Natalie to divulge what was said. She tells him what they talked about & Rob tells Natalie that she needs to keep Ashley close & let him know if she discusses anything about strategy. Rob’s been waiting 10 yrs for this & he’s not going to let Ashley get in the way of a million dollars.

Andrea shows up up at “The Isle of Redemption” She tells Matt: “I know you hate me, you kept giving me dirty looks at the duel” Matt tells her he doesn’t hate her, he just didn’t like it that every time he looked over at her she would give him the sad puppy dog eyes.

Andrea tells Matt he was wishy washy & threw her under the bus when he told Rob they were discussing blindsiding him. Matt says he’s: “sorry for ruining your Survivor game” Andrea say’s: “It doesn’t matter now.. I’m here.” She asks if there is room in the shelter & Ralph is quick to squash any thoughts she has of sleeping anywhere but on the cold ground. Her tribe never shared the tarp at camp & he thinks she should know what it feels like. Ralph says: “If it was my house she wouldn’t be sleeping on the ground” No… she’d be sleeping with creepy Uncle Charlie or Gramma Kiser.. I think I’d take the ground?


“But this ain’t my house, this is demption island” “Rob was usin you like toilet paper, you wiped his ass now you ?? !! I lost it again! I must have rewound this a dozen times & without the subtitles I have no idea what this guy is saying !

Duel – The Puzzled Rooster

Matt “the Meek” Mike “the Marine” Ralph “the Rooster” & Andrea “the Annihilator” must complete a maze, break a tile, retrieve a bag containing puzzle pieces untie it & build the puzzle. The first 3 to complete the challenge stay at Redemption Is & the loser goes to the Jury.

Ralph flies through the maze but gets stuck on the puzzle. Mike is first followed by Matt then Andrea. Ralph is sent to the Jury.

The onlookers return to camp & another scrap breaks out over the rice. Phillip is telling Natalie & Andrea that they don’t need to eat as much as the men since women require fewer calories to survive. Ashley takes that as “We don’t need to eat cause we’re girls” Not much of a stretch for Phillip you’d think? If Crazy = the “N” word Eating less could = not eating at all? Phillip doesn’t see it that way. He verbally attacks Ashley (I think this is his attempt at reverse psychology) “Don’t lie on me!” “Don’t lie on me!” Don’t you lie on me !” I know how many calories a woman needs because I’m a well read person!” Really Phillip !? Or could it be that you’ve tested this theory by starving some woman in the basement of your parents house ?

The girls tell Phillip to get out of their faces, Phillip thinks that means get in their faces & does just that by leaping on to the shelter beside Natalie. She squeals & runs off. Grant steps in with “come on dude!” Phillip calls out to the girls as they leave camp “Pageant Queens!” They yell back “Psycho!”

Rob checks in on Natalie after the battle with Phillip. He asks her again to keep him posted if Ashley talks about anyone else going to Redemption Is besides Phillip since that s who they are telling Ashley they are sending. Grant & Rob have discussed getting rid of Ashley but Natalie doesn’t need to know that yet since it will only freak her out. Ashley decides she needs to make a big move & get rid of strong competitor & talks to Rob about getting rid of Grant. Rob then tells Grant about it & he’s pissed! They discuss the upcoming challenge & that they can’t let Ashley win. Rob thinks Natalie is not bright but she’s innocent & pure & Ashley is trying to corrupt her. He won’t allow it !

Immunity & Reward Challenge – Busier than a one armed paper hanger

Challengers must retrieve bags of puzzle pieces using large fish hooks. Drag the bags to their mat, untie them & complete a puzzle of a fish skeleton by attaching the pieces as bones. To make it even more difficult they must do this with one hand tied behind their back. Reward is “Survivor room service” which will be a feast delivered to camp. Ashley blasts ahead knowing she is on the chopping block. Natalie can’t seem to get any of her pieces to stay in the puzzle. Grant & Rob make an effort to catch Ashley but she’s too far ahead. Ashley wins immunity & reward. She gets to choose one person to share her feast with. Surprise, she chooses Natalie.

Rob didn’t want it to go down this way but he will have to send Grant to Redemption Is. Now he’s got to do the dirty work. He’s got to tell Phillip that Grant is going & tell Grant that Natalie is going. Grant tells Rob they need to break up Ashley & Natalie Rob agrees & Grant quietly says “blindside” not knowing that it will be him that is blindsided. Room service arrives for the girls & they gorge until they feel like they could explode. Rob & Grant are wishing they’d choke on it. Not sure whether they’d rush to help or go for the food.

Rob rethinks his decision to send Grant to Redemption Is. Natalie & Ashley are getting too close & he may have to break them up, plus he’s really bonded with Grant. Isn’t it Bromantic!

Rob thinks one man should not have this much power in this game. Luckily he’s not an ordinary man.

Tribal council arrives & discussions ensue about who feels safe who doesn’t. Jeff asks Ashley if picking Natalie to share the reward may have put a target on them. She thought the target was there before the reward. Phillip is remarkably quiet at tribal only saying that they all knew Ashley would share her reward with Natalie. Everyone votes & Grant is blindsided. Lucky for Rob, G rant didn’t get to see all the votes for him & wasn’t sure when he left whether it was Phillip or Rob who betrayed him. This Sunday is the finale, can’t wait !

Here is your week 13 boot list:


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