Episode 14 – And the Winner Is…….

Grant arrives at Redemption Island & Andrea is very disappointed. She hoped to see a weaker competitor & is definitely the underdog in the upcoming duel. Matt is shown on the breakwater at redemption Is. He is one with his surroundings and has accepted the path his lord has put him on. It looks like he’s trying to part the seas like Moses.

Immunity Challenge – Life in the balance

Contestants must hold one foot on the end of a teeter totter with a vase balancing on the other end. If your vase drops, you’re out. First 3 out go to the jury. Last one goes back in the game. Grant is the first one out, followed by Matt. Andrea & Mike hang on Mike looks like he’s cramping & his vase wobbles. He is out of the challenge & feels the agony of De Feet? Andrea returns to the game, twisting the knife further into Matt’s back. Bitter? Bitter, party of one, your table is ready.

Andrea’s first day back at camp is awkward. She decides to try & work on the girls with an all female final 3 (all girl puppet power) proposal. The girls seem receptive but they’re just toying with her. They have no intention of blindsiding Rob. Ashley has a private chat with Natalie to confirm that if Andrea wins immunity it will be Phillip going to the jury & not her.  Rob wants Ashley to think it’s Andrea going to the jury but if Ashley doesn’t win immunity he’s sending her. She’s dangerous & a bad influence on his precious Natalie.

Immunity Challenge – Your Days Are Numbered

Contestants must race across a balance beam retrieve a bag full of numbered tiles that is tied to the beam. Once they have the bag, continue to the end of the beam dismount (no points for dismount) & onto the puzzle completion area where they must lay out the numbered tiles in order. If you fall off the beam you go back & start from the beginning. Each bag must be retrieved individually. Once they have put the tiles in numerical order for that bag they go back on the balance beam to retrieve the next bag. Each bag contains a different amount of tiles. Bag # 1 contains 10 tiles bag #2 contains 20 tiles bag # 3 contains 30 tiles & the final bag contains 40 tiles. Ashley is quite a bit ahead but Rob makes a good run for it in the end. Ashley wins but only by a few tiles. She is safe for another vote.

Rob isn’t worried, he’ll go with plan B & Andrea will go to the jury. He decides to go fishing & while he’s gone Andrea plots with the girls to get rid of Rob while they can. Telling them that when she was on Redemption Is everyone said they would vote for Rob or Phillip not the girls who are riding on Robs coat tails. Natalie & Ashley go off & talk by themselves in the bushes all under the watchful eye of the specialist. Ashley makes Natalie pinky swear that if she doesn’t win the next challenge Phillip will go before her. Phillip reports their liaison to Rob upon his return & Rob still doesn’t feel any concern. He evens says that he may not play the idol. Maybe he’ll keep it as a souvenir.

Tribal council arrives & Phillip once again rants about Stealth R Us & him being the undercover specialist, so when he saw the girls talking he had to report it to his superior. Everyone votes & Rob decides since it‘s the last time he can do it, he plays the idol. No surprise Andrea is sent packing.

Back to camp & back to strategy. While Phillip is collecting firewood or counting grains of rice, Rob & the girls have a meeting & pinky swear (the universal personal guarantee) to each other that they are final 3

Immunity Challenge – Lost in the Game

Contestants must make their way through a giant maze. There are four stations in the maze where they will collect 4 bags containing puzzle pieces. Once collected they must build a puzzle in their station to form a 4 word phrase. Rob blasts ahead, Natalie gets lost, Phillip goes in a different direction & Ashley just follows Rob. Hmmmmm ? That pretty much mimics how the entire game of Survivor has gone. Rob continues his lead trying to lose Ashley but she stays right behind him. They both start building their puzzle & Rob completes his just seconds ahead of Ashley & wins immunity & is guaranteed a spot in the final 3.

They return to camp & Phillip says to Rob that he has 7 sisters & not one of them is as lazy as Ashley. He’s never met anyone that could lay in bed day after day & do nothing. Natalie says she’d rather lose a friend than a million dollars but is hoping to send Phillip to the jury. At tribal council the final 4 vote & the last blindside sends Ashley to the jury.

Phillip says it’s ok for him to tell the world that he has a relationship with someone who’s been dead since 1870. I guess he’s right…. as long as they’re not sitting in a rocking chair in your attic.

Then, what a treat we get a final picture of Phillip bathing in his underwear. He then decides (instead of putting them up on Ebay) it’s time to burn his infamous stinky pinkies. I wouldn’t be roasting any marshmallows over that fire.

Final tribal council & speeches start with Rob giving a heart warming speech about family & Phillip telling everyone his brilliant plan to become the villain so he would be guaranteed a spot in the final. Did he learn nothing from Russell? For an “undercover special agent” he’s pretty clueless. Mean don’t get the green. Natalie’s speech was as expected boring. “My strategy was to align with a strong player” …… ummmm, uh, some . . . people out there in our nation don’t have maps and, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the,  Iraq everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over HERE in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian Countries so we will be able to build up our future, for our children. Hopefully all of you remember that hilarious answer from Caitlin Upton in the Miss Teen USA pageant, when she was asked why some Americans can’t locate the US on a world map. Classic ! Oh, she forgot one thing: World Peace. Thank you.

Rob’s lawyer David gives his closing argument.  Poor Phillip didn’t have his council at the finale & every time he tried to answer someone’s question the audience or the jury burst into laughter. I’m not sure they bought what he was selling. In the end only Ralph seemed like he cared what Phillip thought. He was disappointed to see only 3 feathers in Phillips headdress & asked him: “if we were in the same tribe would you & I have been friends?”  Phillip confirms, of course Ralph we’d be besties! BFF’s, bosom buddies, brothers from another mother. That sold Ralph, since he was the only one to vote for Phillip (or Phile as he affectionately calls him) earning him second place. Rob took every other vote. Jeff tells him he thought he played a near perfect game. Rob Mariano is the final survivor & Jenny is the winner of our pool. Congratulations to both of you.

Here is your final results:


3 responses to “Episode 14 – And the Winner Is…….

  1. It was a good Survivor season with some interesting variations, a deserving (but arrogant!) winner and to top off the entertainment factor….a great blogger!

    Thank you Wendy.

  2. The entire season was more entertaining following you! Thanks for the hilar recaps and insight. I’m your agent (undercover?) if this blog blows up! I think you can go big!! Looking forward to whatever you write next.

    PS – did Russle look like he was going to murder Jeff when he said that Rob played a near perfect game? Scary. But not as scary as thinking that David’s girl was going to say no “shut it down right now”… didn’t look great at the start of that proposal :S People, private matter require private (no) audiences!

    • Yes Russell looked very upset at Rob getting praise for his game. Ralph would have thought Ressel had Merdir in his eyes hahaha Thanks for the comments !

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